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Alcoholic beverages stored for aging in wooden barrels which are not humidified may evaporate through the small cavities in the wood. This loss can be up to 5% of total volume (over 10 litres per 225L barrique) over a year – a significant loss of income to the producer. Humidification of the barrel room can ensure that the wood is saturated enough so that the cavities fill out, and no wine or whiskey alcohol will evaporate through it, which translates to real extra income from product not lost to the surrounding atmosphere, but kept in the barrel and sold for more income.

The centrifugal humidifier HumiFix is equipped with a spinning disk that vaporises water into very fine droplets that can be easily absorbed by the surrounding air, humidifying and cooling a room at the same time. The HumiFix can work on both, mains or demineralised water. The units can work at low temperatures (down to +1°C), which is ideal for installation in cold rooms and storage halls. HumiFix is available in two sizes: HumiFix 1 for 1 l/h and HumiFix 6 for up to 6,5 l/h. Both models are differently equipped and have different control options.

  • Stand alone unit.
  • Easy installation and handling.
  • Compact design and construction.