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IOC Sparkling Wine

View our wide range of IOC Sparkling Wine products including nutrients, riddling aids, bacteria and yeast to ensure your sparkling wine is of the highest quality.

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Perfect for highly expressive sparkling wines.

IOC 18-2007

IOC 18-2007

Specialised sparkling wine yeast for the fermentation of both base wines and secondary bottle fermentation



The ideal bacterial strains for conducting MLF in low pH wines, such as sparkling wine.

Phosphates Titres

Phosphate Titres

Used to obtain a high yeast biomass, with a more limited risk of associated sulphurous deviations.

Clarifiant XL

Clarifiant XL

An optimised liquid riddling aid that provides excellent settling of the sediment, used for traditional method.

Tannin Cristallin

Tannin Cristallin

Tannin Cristallin is a highly reactive gall tannin. Strong antioxidant properties protect sparkling wine against the effects of oxidation giving improved ageing potential

Tannin Cas

Tannin CAS

Added during dosage, Tannin CAS brings structure and distinctive flavour to sparkling wine.

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