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Tanks and Vats

Check out our range of variable capacity, closed and pressure tanks from leading European manufacturers Gortani, AG Inox and Letina.

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Pallet tanks

Pallet Tanks

Our range of Italian made pallet tanks are manufactured in 304 stainless steel for both the tank and supporting structure and generally supplied in sizes 1000-2000L.

Closed top tank

Closed Top Tanks

They are available as a red fermenter with sloping base and pump over pipe or with a conical base for storage and white wine fermentation.

Gortani pressure tanks

Gortani Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks are the most versatile solution for sparkling wine (charmat method). Available in a range of sizes.

Letina Pressure Tank

Letina Pressure Tanks

Our Letina conical floor pressure tanks are a great option for carbonation or fermentation and are rated to 2 bar. They are manufactured in 304 stainless steel and are not certified.  

Olive Oil Drums

Olive Oil Drums

Italian made screw lid Olive Oil drums, ideal for storage of olive oil and small amounts of similar liquids.

Fermentation Vats

Fermentation Vats

Italian made fermentation vats in food grade plastic with provision for an optional 1 inch ball valve tap and filter screen, variety of sizes available.

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