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IOC Tannins

Check our wide range of IOC Tannins that can be used throughout the winemaking process to aid in areas such as fermentation, colour stabilisation and improving the palate structure of your finished wine.

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Privilege Noir

Privilege Noir

Highlights the structure and body of red and rosé wines, helping to strengthen the fullness and aromatic balance of the wine.

Privilege Bleu

Privilege Bleu

Highlights the structure and body of white, red & rose wines and strengthens the aromatic intensity of the wine.


Tannin Bouquet R36

A blend of winemaking tannins designed to boost the fruity aromas in red and rose musts and provide antioxidant protection.


Mann Bouquet R16

Enhances the notes of dark berries while increasing the smoothness in the must through the synergetic action of the tannins/mannoproteins.

Essential Pel

Essential Pel

Improves taste perceptions and balance of wines and refines the structure while contributing to roundness and increasing suitability.

Essential Pep

Essential Pep

Preserves sensorial freshness by protecting the wine musts and wines from oxidation (wood aging, micro-oxygenation).

Essential Passion

Essential Passion

Enhances the fruity notes, the sensation of sweetness and the intensity of the varietal aromas in the wine.

Essential Free Veg

Essential Free Veg

A tannin that helps to mask any vegetable and overly astringent sensations and open up the varietal properties.

Essential Free Off

Essential Free Off

An untoasted oak tannin specifically formulated to assist in resolving problems with reductive wines.


Essential Oak Barrel

A blend of ellagic tannins extracted from the heart of French oak tree, improving sweetness and aromatic intensity of wine.


Essential Oak Sweet

Improves the balance and the structure while bringing sweetness into white, red and rosé wines , strengthening aromatic intensity.


Essential Oak Strong

Contributes to improving the structure and length in the mouth of white, red and rosé wines, increasing aromatic intensity.

Essential Antioxidant

Essential Antioxidant

Specially formulated mixture containing tannins and yeast polysaccharides to aid colour stabilisation when making red wines.

Full Colour

Full Colour

Specially formulated mixture containing tannins and yeast polysaccharides to aid colour stabilisation when making red wines.


FT Colormax

A natural catechin product developed for its superior ability to stabilise colour, giving a softer palate to wines.


FT Rouge

A blend of highly reactive tannins derived from exotic woods and chestnut, helping to preserve natural tannins in grapes.


Tannin Cristallin

Can be used at crusher or at tirage depending on results, while also aiding in riddling and boosting antioxidant activity.


Mann Bouquet B19

Designed to protect white must against oxidation and for aromatic bouquet revelation, preserving aromas for whites and rose.


Tanifase Elevage

Helps to stabilise the colour and the wine aromas and in general contributes to increase the wine balance.


Tannin SR Terroir

Improves the structure of wine by acting on the body and stabilises the colouring material by forming covalent bonds with anthocyanins.


Infinity Lemon

An innovative tannin formulation used to reinforce freshness, without increasing the perception of bitterness.


Infinity Green T

Able to protect wines from oxidation through anti-radical activity, decreasing bitterness and astringency while adding roundness.

Colour Intense R

Colour Intense B

Natural grape skin extract to enhance red wine colour. Colour Intense B offers concentrated red colour with a vivid purple/blue hue.

Colour Intense R

Colour Intense R

Natural grape skin extract to enhance red wine colour. Colour Intense R offers dense, rich red colour with a bold red hue.

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