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Winemaking Technology

From dealcoholisation to reverse osmosis and degassing, the Juclas range of winemaking technology is unsurpassed and continually evolving to provide the best solutions for your beverage production.

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Juclas MMpH

A demineralisation system for the tartaric stabilisation of wine by cation exchange resins, available in automatic or semi-automatic models.


Juclas Mastermind Remove

Designed with the aim of reducing the alcohol percentage in your wine through direct passage on the membrane.


Juclas EasyFerm

Used for wineries seeking to obtain high viability and vitality of cells in their ferments, improving performance.

Juclas Aromaloc

Juclas AromaLoc ®

Juclas Aromaloc® is an innovative, patented solution that limits the natural loss of aroma compounds during fermentation.

Smart check

Juclas SmartCheck

Juclas SmartCheck provides an intuitive and versatile method to obtain real time results concerning the tartaric stability of wines.


Juclas MicrOdue Plus

The easy to use Microdue is an extremely accurate micro-oxygenation unit that ensures the utmost precision when dispensing oxygen.


Juclas JRO

A simple and effective reverse osmosis technology that comes in a range of sizes for wine and juice concentration.



A computerised proportional dosing system for fining agents that ensures an accurate and wide range of dosage with safe and efficient use.

Yeast Booster

Yeast Booster

The Kreyer Yeast Booster is a compact, mobile unit for reactivation, propagation and optimal up-scaling of yeast cells for fermentation.

Micro-Macro Oxygenation

Micro/Macro Oxygenation

Available in three different configuration options, these machines ensure that there is a continuous addition of oxygen during winemaking.

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