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From market leading Juclas crossflow filtration to simple pad filters, Winequip has filtration options for every beverage producer.

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Juclas MFTC Crossflow

Juclas MFTC

Juclas MFTC Crossflow utilises hollow fibre membranes and is available as a fully automatic unit, providing a cost-effective crossflow solution.


Juclas MFTS

Has high degrees of automation which minimises the use of personnel and efficiently manages the stages of operation, cleaning and restoration


Juclas MMF

The perfect choice for premium wines where only a polishing filtration is required or desired and ensures wine is left intact.

Juclas SOFOS

Juclas SOFOS

Juclas SOFOS is an automatic system for the cold organic stabilisation of liquid through microfiltration.

Juclas Smart Lees

Juclas Smart Lees

Juclas Smart Lees fluid crossflow was created to recover clarifying sediments of juices, musts, flotation lees and more.

Filtration Cartridge

Filtration Cartridges

Standard filter housing range for liquid application, with a wide range of supporting products available to ensure maximum efficiency.

Sack Filter

Sack Filter Housings

Sack Filter housings are used when high flow filtration is required in-line, work with both carbonated and still products.


Juclas Mastermind QFT

An electronic instrument that performs a test based on weight and automatically calculates the most important filterability indexes in liquids

Plate and frame filer 20x20

Plate and Frame Filter 20×20

These machines are perfect for smaller producers, and guarantees the quality and safety of high level product filtration. 

Plate and Frame Filter 40×40

These filters are fitted with double piping allowing the insertion of an Inversion Plate for double filtration, complete with a variety of extras.

filter pads

Filter Pads

We offer a range of CKP filter pads to suit both 40x40 and 20x20 filters.

Water Filter Housings

Water Filter Housings

Double Open Ended Housing for water spun water cartridges and pleated, with Carbon filters also available if required, providing cost-effective protection.

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