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Cellar Equipment

Winequip carry a wide range of stainless fittings, hoses, shovels and other necessary accessories to get your winery through vintage.


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Stainless steel fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings

We supply a wide range of Stainless Steel fittings for your operation. We can supply special order fittings such as reducers and converters.

Stainless plunger

Stainless Steel Plungers and Sieves

Plungers are used for red wine ferments, while the sieves are pushed into red ferments to allow wine to be pumped out and skins left behind.

Barrel stirrer

Stainless Steel Barrel Stirrers

Comes in a variety of different models, including long thin lees stirrer with paddle, curved mixer with handle and straight drill mixer.

barrel spear

Stainless Barrel Spears

We supply Stainless Barrel Spears with adjustable screw in different lengths to cater for standard and large format oak.


Buckets and Jugs

We have food grade plastic buckets, graduated & with Stainless Steel handle as well as food grade jugs in 1L, 3L and 5L sizes.

Dip tapes

Dip Tapes

Dip tapes ideal for measuring the depth of liquid in barrels or tanks. These are high quality units capable of measuring 10 metres.

Silicon Bungs

Silicon Bungs

At Winequip we have Silicon Bungs in a range of sizes to suit your barrel or carboy needs.

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