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Cleaning Products

View our wide range of cleaning chemicals that can be used in a variety of applications to ensure your equipment can be effectively washed and sterilised.

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ADCIP Non Caustic Cleaner

A non-caustic powdered wine tank cleaner and general cleaning detergent, formulated for use in wineries to remove staining on various surfaces.


99 % + sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in granulated form. Mix in a 0.5-2% solution for heavy duty cleaning.


An oxidising, acidic sanitiser used to kill a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and their spores and viruses.

Cross Caust

A potassium hydroxide based detergent for the cleaning of cross flow and standard membranes and has been designed for the oenological sector.


Stabilised sodium percarbonate which combines the properties of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide and is an odorless, crystalline, white powder.


A cleaning additive with oxidizing action, it is chlorine-free and is able to restore the filtration and flow rate capacities of membranes.

Citric Acid

High purity citric acid for neutralising caustic residues and odours; especially through pad filters prior to filtration.

Cross Zym

An enzymatic detergent for the regeneration of membranes

Percitric Sanitiser

Percitric Sanitiser is a no foam one process acidic liquid sanitiser ideal for food manufacturing equipment.

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