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At Winequip, we are always staying up to date with the latest products and equipment from our key industry suppliers. Learn more about what’s new below.

Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™

Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ is a revolutionary yeast rehydration protector, based on a unique yeast autolysate with a high concentration and bioavailability of ergosterols, with an innovative specific Lallemand process leading to a micro agglomerated form. It enables a more reliable alcoholic fermentation and optimises yeast aroma precursor assimilations.

With the high sterol count and microagglomeration, the rehydration temperature can be as low as 15°C and the time of rehydration is only 15 minutes. There is no need for acclimatisation to must temperature.

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Lalvin ICV Black Pearl™

Black Pearl™ supports intense black fruit character like blackcurrant and blackberry while developing volume and mouthfeel, bringing a highly sought-after balance in super premium and iconic red wines. It is also very well adapted to the winemaking process involving microoxygenation.

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Qi’Smoke is a formulation of chitosan and high quality carbon specifically developed for the reduction and elimination of smoke taint in wine. The synergistic effect of the binding and flocculation capability of chitosan together with the specific adsorption power of the carbon allows targeting of specific molecules.

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