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At Winequip, we are always staying up to date with the latest products and equipment from our key industry suppliers. Learn more about what’s new below.

Juclas AromaLoc

The AromaLoc® is an innovative, patented solution that limits the natural loss of aroma compounds during fermentation. AromaLoc®’s non-invasive membrane technology does not contact the must and acts at the “gaseous” level in the tanks headspace.

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Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™

Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ is a revolutionary yeast rehydration protector, based on a unique yeast autolysate with a high concentration and bioavailability of ergosterols, with an innovative specific Lallemand process leading to a micro agglomerated form. It enables a more reliable alcoholic fermentation and optimises yeast aroma precursor assimilations.

With the high sterol count and microagglomeration, the rehydration temperature can be as low as 15°C and the time of rehydration is only 15 minutes. There is no need for acclimatisation to must temperature.

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Lalvin MCBB™ was selected as a very efficient malolactic bacteria for white wines, that is able to produce high concentrations of diacetyl (buttery notes) when inoculated at the end of alcoholic fermentation. MCBB™ (Malolactic Culture Butter Bomb) is a robust wine bacteria able to grow quickly and achieve reliable MLF under a broad range of winemaking conditions.

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