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We have a wide range of Alla France hydrometers, alcoholmeters and ebulliometers as well as Ionode pH and other meters and digital scales/balances for all your laboratory requirements.

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Precision hydrometers by Alla France. These Hydrometers are available in a variety of styles to meet your needs.


Alla France Ebulliometers

Traditional and electronic Ebulliometers that are easy to use, fast and also reliable, with a variety of types available.



The Carbodoseur is a simple testing apparatus for measuring dissolved C02, just fill and shake to bring dissolved CO2 out of solution.

Multifunction Meter CX-105

Multifunction Meter CX-105

The CX-105 is a multi-purpose meter which enables to make different kinds of measurements depending on the type of chosen head.

CP-411E Handheld pH Meter

CP-411E Handheld pH Meter

The CP-411E has a wide variety of features, and can be used in a wide variety of fields and conditions making it highly efficient.


Alla Waterproof pH Meter

Waterproof meter with interchangeable electrodes with a wide variety of features, comes with buffer and soaking solution and spare battery.

Oxygen Meter CO-411

Oxygen Meter CO-411

Has a wide range of features including a large LCD display, waterproof housing facilities, easy to use sensors and measures 50-199.9°C.



Food grade plastic funnels coming in a wide variety of sizes including 80mm, 160mm, 260mm, 300mm and 350mm. Larger sizes come with filter.

Plastic jug

Measuring Jugs

Graduated plastic measuring jugs coming in sizes of 1.25L, 3L and also 5L.

Ohaus Navigator

Ohaus Navigator

A multi-purpose portable balance suitable for everyday weighing applications in lab, industrial and education settings.

Scout® SPX

Scout SPX

A portable precision balance that provides consistently accurate measurements and is ideal for industrial/laboratory applications.

Digital Bench Scales

Digital Bench Scales

Perfect for weighing a wide range of items and are used in a variety of industries.

Platform Scales

Platform Scales

The value solution for your dry or washdown weighing needs in industrial and commercial applications, designed to ensure years of dependable performance.

Smart check

Juclas SmartCheck

Juclas SmartCheck provides an intuitive and versatile method to obtain real time results concerning the tartaric stability of wines.

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