Steam Master Compact

The Steam Master Compact from Menikini is an industrial steam generator ideal for cleaning and sanitising steel tanks, oak barrels and monoblocks.

Steel surfaces are cleaned in an optimal way and with less effort thanks to the steam action. Due to the steam jet system, difficult to clean substances such as bacteria, chemical residues and deposits become easy to wash off.

At the end of the treatment, surfaces are completely sanitised with any chemical agent deposits.

Example Applications:

  • Barrique regeneration.
  • Removal of deposits.
  • Sanitising of steel tanks.
  • Sanitising of filters.
  • Cleaning of glass, sanitary fittings and floors.
  • Elimination of mould, bacteria and parasites.
  • Leaving a neutral pH on treated surfaces.
  • Cleaning of decantation pipes, fittings, machines, polished chromed surfaces.
  • Ideal for cleaning steel tanks, monoblocks and more.
  • Less effort required.
  • Optimum cleaning of the space.
  • The Steam Master Compact is a 10kW unit.