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Wine Yeast

We are distributors for world leading wine yeast companies Lallemand, IOC and Anchor.  We have an extensive range of yeast for all wine varietals – use the filter facility to find the yeast best suited to you  or call for expert advice from our winemaking team


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Lalvin BM45

Lalvin BM45

A slow starter well suited for long maceration processes. It tends to contribute jam, spicy and earthy elements to wines.


Lalvin BM4x4

Creates a wine with increased aromatic intensity, colour intensity, length of finish and dependable fermentation kinetics.

Lalvin D21

Lalvin ICV D21

Suited to the fermentation of warm to hot climate fruit, low in acidity. Contributes an intense fore-mouth, mid-palate tannin structure.



The perfect balance between volume on the palate and a fresh finish with white wine. 

IOC R-9008

IOC R 9008

It is an ideal yeast for wine destined for aging.

Uvaferm HPS

Uvaferm HPS

Uvaferm HPS contributes significantly to mouthfeel, roundness of palate and the softness of tannins.

Exotics Mosaic

Exotics Mosaic

Offers the security of an inoculated fermentation, with the sensory impact and complex aroma profiles linked with spontaneous fermentation.

Fermivin 3C

Fermivin 3C

A yeast for round fruity Chardonnay type wines.

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