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Wine Yeast

We are distributors for world leading wine yeast companies Lallemand, IOC and Anchor.  We have an extensive range of yeast for all wine varietals – use the filter facility to find the yeast best suited to you  or call for expert advice from our winemaking team


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Lalvin D80

Lalvin ICV D80

Lalvin ICV D80™ brings high fore-mouth volume, big mid-palate mouthfeel and intense fine grain tannins to reds.

Lalvin ICV D254

Lalvin ICV D254 enhances mouthfeel due to the production of polysaccharides, contributing a variety of characters in different wines.

Rhone 2226

Lalvin Rhone 2226

Contributes to aroma, structure and colour stability in reds for warm regions and is recommended for the fermentation of high sugar reds.

Lavin Rhone 2323

Lalvin Rhone 2323

Highly suited to the production of premium red wines from must with high polyphenolic potential, and leads to excellent mouthfeel.

Enoferm CSM

Enoferm CSM

Bordeaux selection for stylish elegant reds. Favours extraction of soft tannins and retains colour.

Enoferm T306

Enoferm T306

Promotes aromatic expression and complexity and contributes to mouthfeel. Recommended for tank and barrel fermentations.

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