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Wine Yeast

We are distributors for world leading wine yeast companies Lallemand, IOC and Anchor.  We have an extensive range of yeast for all wine varietals – use the filter facility to find the yeast best suited to you  or call for expert advice from our winemaking team


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Lalvin 71B

Lalvin 71B

For fresh and fruity “Nouveau” wines. It is a high ester producer, which gives the wines a characteristic fruity (fruit salad) aroma.

Lalvin Opale 2.0

Lalvin Opale 2.0

Exhibits s a special ability to produce very low level of H2S and SO2, and contributes to exotic, tropical and citrus fruit intensity.

Lalvin Rhone 4600

Lalvin Rhone 4600

This yeast produces a high level of fatty acid ethyl esters, which tend to promote aromatics described as apricot and tropical fruit.


Alchemy I

Enhances fruity and floral esters and to a lesser extent, volatile thiols (passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry and guava aromas) in white wines.


Alchemy III

Used for the production of complex red wines, with good structure and body and offers a high contribution to fruit aromas.


Alchemy IV

Produces wines with significant aroma intensity that are rounded and smooth, and it is suitable for all ageing red varietals.


NT 50

Suitable for wine with or without wood maturation and enhances red and black berries and spicy aromas in red wines.


NT 116

A robust, strong fermenting strain for the production of highly aromatic full-bodied red wines and aromatic, crisp white wines.


VIN 13

Enhances volatile thiol aromas and produces esters. It is recommended for vinifying a variety of white wines and for the production of aromatic roses

Fermivin Vineae

Fermivin Vineae

Fermivin Vineae is a Hanseniaspora vineae yeast for white, rosé, red, still and sparkling wines as well as ciders. It is used to increase aroma, complexity and texture.

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