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Wine Yeast

We are distributors for world leading wine yeast companies Lallemand, IOC and Anchor.  We have an extensive range of yeast for all wine varietals – use the filter facility to find the yeast best suited to you  or call for expert advice from our winemaking team


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Lalvin DV10

Lalvin DV10 is a clean and neutral yeast for primary or secondary fermentation, able to perform under stressful environmental conditions.

Lalvin ICV Okay


Offers fermentation security whilst producing very low levels of acetaldehyde, H2S and SO2, and can contribute to good fruit intensity.

Lalvin QA23

Lalvin QA23

Contributes to varietal fruit expression and is known to enhance citrus fruit aromas including lime and grapefruit. Recommended for Rieslings.

Level 2 Flavia


FLAVIA is selected for its capacity to release enzymes with α–arabinofuranosidase activity, and can impact on the varietal aromas of varietal grapes.

Uvaferm GHM

Uvaferm GHM

Particularly suited for white wines destined for extended lees contact and has the ability to enhance floral aromas, important in Riesling.


NT 116

A robust, strong fermenting strain for the production of highly aromatic full-bodied red wines and aromatic, crisp white wines.

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