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Wine Yeast

We are distributors for world leading wine yeast companies Lallemand, IOC and Anchor.  We have an extensive range of yeast for all wine varietals – use the filter facility to find the yeast best suited to you  or call for expert advice from our winemaking team


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Lalvin 71B

Lalvin 71B

For fresh and fruity “Nouveau” wines. It is a high ester producer, which gives the wines a characteristic fruity (fruit salad) aroma.

Lalvin BRL97

Lalvin BRL97

Contributes to colour stability, hence it is recommended for grape varieties relatively low in anthocyanin

Lalvin BM45

Lalvin BM45

A slow starter well suited for long maceration processes. It tends to contribute jam, spicy and earthy elements to wines.


Lalvin BM4x4

Creates a wine with increased aromatic intensity, colour intensity, length of finish and dependable fermentation kinetics.

Lalvin C

Lalvin C

Used for the production of fresh and fruity white wines. It is a very clean and reliable fermenter that tends to enhance varietal characters.

Lalvin Clos

Lalvin CLOS

This yeast has a high alcohol tolerance and wide fermentation temperature range, respects varietal character and adds complexity and minerality to reds.

Lalvin CY3079

Lalvin CY3079

Slow fermenter with early onset post-fermentation autolysis, contributes complexity and mouthfeel to white wines.


Lalvin DV10

Lalvin DV10 is a clean and neutral yeast for primary or secondary fermentation, able to perform under stressful environmental conditions.


Lalvin EC 1118

Lalvin EC1118 is robust, reliable and neutral, and useful for a wide range of applications, including wine and fruit cider fermentations.

Black Pearl

Lalvin ICV Black Pearl

Lalvin ICV Black Pearl is suited for a wide range of red varieties, bringing intense black fruit character while developing mouthfeel.

Lalvin ICV Okay


Offers fermentation security whilst producing very low levels of acetaldehyde, H2S and SO2, and can contribute to good fruit intensity.

Lalvin ICV Gre

Lalvin ICV GRE

Lalvin ICV GRE is for early drinking red, rosé and white wines where upfront fruit expression is desired. Spice and estery notes are evident.

Lalvin D21

Lalvin ICV D21

Suited to the fermentation of warm to hot climate fruit, low in acidity. Contributes an intense fore-mouth, mid-palate tannin structure.

Lalvin D47

Lalvin ICV D47

A high polysaccharide producer known for its accentuated fruit and volume. Ideal for barrel fermentation of white wines.

Lalvin D80

Lalvin ICV D80

Lalvin ICV D80™ brings high fore-mouth volume, big mid-palate mouthfeel and intense fine grain tannins to reds.

Lalvin ICV D254

Lalvin ICV D254 enhances mouthfeel due to the production of polysaccharides, contributing a variety of characters in different wines.

Lalvin NBC yeast

Lalvin NBC

Lalvin NBC enhances the varietal typicity while revealing minerality and elegance in high quality white wines. 

Lalvin Opale 2.0

Lalvin Opale 2.0

Exhibits s a special ability to produce very low level of H2S and SO2, and contributes to exotic, tropical and citrus fruit intensity.

Lalvin Persy

Lalvin Persy

The right choice to ferment wines like Shiraz, Tempranillo and Pinot noir, enhancing the fruit character, freshness and aroma persistency.

Lalvin QA23

Lalvin QA23

Contributes to varietal fruit expression and is known to enhance citrus fruit aromas including lime and grapefruit. Recommended for Rieslings.

Lalvin Rhone 2056

Lalvin Rhone 2056

Suited to both white and red varieties, for fruit forward styles. Contributes fruit complexity, spiciness and colour stabilisation.

Rhone 2226

Lalvin Rhone 2226

Contributes to aroma, structure and colour stability in reds for warm regions and is recommended for the fermentation of high sugar reds.

Lavin Rhone 2323

Lalvin Rhone 2323

Highly suited to the production of premium red wines from must with high polyphenolic potential, and leads to excellent mouthfeel.

Lalvin Rhone 4600

Lalvin Rhone 4600

This yeast produces a high level of fatty acid ethyl esters, which tend to promote aromatics described as apricot and tropical fruit.

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