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The Lallemand range of complex nutrients is the best available and covers all stages of the winemaking process – we have nutrients for yeast rehydration, throughout ferment and assisting stuck ferments.  Organic options available as well.

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For use in red wine to improve resistance of bacteria against effects of polyphenols, nutrient deficiencies, and more.



A specific bacteria nutrient for white and rose wines, added to wine before the addition of lactic acid bacteria.

Stimula Chardonnay

Stimula Chardonnay

A yeast autolysate naturally rich in biotin, B6 vitamins, magnesium and zinc which optimise the volatile ester biosynthesis.

Stimula Syrah

Stimula Syrah

Stimula Syrah is particularly rich in different nitrogen sources, specific vitamins and minerals to increase the release of varietal aromas and avoid sulfur off-flavors. 

Stimula Cabernet

Stimula Cabernet

Stimula Cabernet is particularly rich in different nitrogen sources, vitamins and minerals.

Stimula Sauvignon Blanc

Stimula Sauvignon Blanc

Rich in pantothenate, thiamin, folic acid, zinc and manganese in order to optimise uptake of 4MMP and 3MH precursors to thiols.


Fermaid O

A blend of specific inactivated yeast fractions that are rich in available amino acids and does not contain added DAP or micronutrients.


Fermaid AT

A special complex yeast nutrient suitable for use in alcohol fermentation of grape must winemaking, ensuring maximum cell density.

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