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View our wide range of both liquid and granular enzymes from key industry suppliers such as Novozymes and Oenobrands that can enhance the yield, colour and quality of your wine.

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Vinoclear classic

VinoClear Classic

Supports fast clarification of grape must before the start of alcoholic fermentation and reduces volume of gross lees.

VinoCrush Classic

VinoCrush Classic

An extraction enzyme that improves the maceration/extraction of grapes, generating higher wine yields and reduced turbidity.

Ultra Clear

Pectinex Ultra Clear

A rapid depectiniser that can depectinise a variety of fruits for juice, and is unique for treatments at elevated temperatures.

Ultra AFP

Pectinex Ultra AFP

Embodies a broad spectrum of pectin and hemicellulose enzyme activities optimised to break down plant cells.

Ultra Olio

Pectinex Ultra Olio

Contains a spectrum of pectolytic enzyme activities, optimised to break down the cell wall of fruits and provide excellent performance.


Viscozyme L

A beta-glucanase with cellulase/pectinase activities for use in Botrytis infected juice and for improving the filterability of wines.

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