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Uvaferm 43 Restart

Optimised and pre-acclimated Uvaferm 43 yeast resulting in a very robust culture, now called Uvaferm 43™ RESTART. The most fructophilic yeast in the Lallemand portfolio. Under oenological conditions, glucose and fructose are the main fermentable sugars used by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Although both of these hexoses are generally present in musts in equivalent quantities, Saccharomyces cerevisiae prefers to consume glucose, which explains why the main residual sugar in stuck ferments is fructose. In a Lallemand research project, the results showed that in oenological conditions where nitrogen, sugar and glucose/fructose ratios were varied, the yeast strain Uvaferm 43® proved to be the most efficient at metabolising fructose under conditions similar to those found in stuck ferments. Uvaferm 43® is now available in a more robust form called Uvaferm 43™Restart. This new yeast adapts more quickly after inoculation as it has been optimised and pre-acclimatised to perform well under the challenging conditions of stuck fermentation. It is highly fructophilic.

  • Adapts quickly after inoculation.
  • Performs well under challenging conditions.
  • Highly fructophilic.