Trap’Metals is a chitosan based, non-allergenic product to reduce the concentration of metals in juice and wine.

It is a blend of PVI/PVP, chitosan and yeast cell walls.
The synergy of these components helps bind heavy metals such as Cu2+, Fe3+, PB2+ and others.

The synergetic action of the three Trap’Metals compounds reduces copper level more than the PVI/PVP method. Prolonged contact time accentuates the drop in copper level and concentration is reduced by 65% after 24 hours.

  • Limits haze caused by metals.
  • Limits oxidation reactions by eliminating iron and copper.
  • Preserves the thiol potential of Sauvignon blanc juice.
  • Enhances fermentation kinetics.
  • Reduces propensity for pinking.