Produced and packaged by Lallemand, Noblesse® is an inactivated yeast from the Institut Cooperatif du vin (ICV) range of oenological Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts. A specialised process and timing of inactivation (developed by Lallemand R&D) permits a rapid availability of the soluble fractions of yeast cell walls. Aside from the interesting polysaccharides released by these cells, there are other inactivated yeast components such as peptides, amino-acids, mannoproteins, nucleotides and nucleosides, all of which can contribute sensory qualities to wine. The yeast selected and inactivated for this product was chosen based on its unique combination of these compounds.

Noblesse® helps modify and stabilise the wines colloidal balance resulting in:

  • Increased perception of ripe fruit. Tends to help mask the vegetative aromas and promote fruit aroma
  • Improved structure, initial mouthfeel volume and rounded finish. Mid palate tends to be improved.
  • A unique combination of a variety of compounds.
  • Masks vegetative aromas and promotes fruit aromas.
  • Improves structure and initial mouthfeel volume.