No Brett Inside

An innovative and efficient tool to fight against Brettanomyces.

A new tool to fight against Brettanomyces and preserve the aromatic qualities of wines. Brettanomyces bruxellensis are a threat to wine quality. These yeasts are capable of developing in difficult conditions (high alcohol, nutritional deficiencies, high SO2), at all stages of vinification and are responsible for the production of undesirable aromatic compounds: volatile phenols (4-ethyl-phenol, 4-ethyl-guaiacol, 4-ethylcatechol). These compounds give rise to the perception of unpleasant ‘animal-like’ notes (leather, stable, barnyard) or pharmaceutical notes (Band-Aid®, medicinal).

Even at low population levels (1 to 1000 CFU/mL), Brettanomyces constitute a threat, as they can produce these volatile phenols at any moment. Even when the concentrations of these phenols are low or below perception thresholds, they can mask the wine’s bouquet and compromise its varietal expression, and its intensity. In many regions, the volume of wine affected by Brettanomyces is relatively significant.