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Lalvin MCBB™ was selected as a very efficient malolactic bacteria for white wines, that is able to produce high concentrations of diacetyl (buttery notes) when inoculated at the end of alcoholic fermentation.

MCBB™ (Malolactic Culture Butter Bomb) is a robust wine bacteria able to grow quickly and achieve reliable MLF under a broad range of winemaking conditions.

The metabolism of citric acid through to diacetyl is wine bacteria dependent. MCBB™ is recognised for its strong ability to synthesise high diacetyl concentrations. Integrated with desirable buttery and nutty notes, MCBB™ gives complexity, with freshness and mouthfeel, resulting in well balanced white wines.

Highest diacetyl production occurs when MCBB™ is inoculated after alcoholic fermentation and can be maximised if the malolactic fermentation is performed at 16-18°C, at low pH and with minimum lees contact.

  • MCBB ™ enhances nutty characters and fruity aromas while having a buttery impact through high diacetyl production.
  • Robust bacteria that is able to achieve reliable MLF under a range of conditions.
  • Available in MBR format only.