Mann Bouquet R16

Fermentation additive made from yeast cell walls rich in soluble mannoproteins combined with a blend of ellagic and grape-pip tannins. 

Mann Bouquet R16 enhances the notes of dark berries such as blackcurrant, while increasing the smoothness and colour stability in the must through the synergetic action of the tannins and mannoproteins. 

Its formula has been specially designed to protect the colour of the finished wine and to encourage the condensation of anthocyanins/tannins during maceration of red grapes. 

The benefits can be derived from using Mann Bouquet R16 during the maceration of red grapes are; colour, aroma, flavour, and technical effects. 

– Production of red and rose wines distinguished by their level of fullness and smoothness in the mouth.

  • Fermentation booster for red and rose musts.
  • Enhances the notes of dark berries in the wine.
  • Protects the colour of the finished wine.