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Level2 Initia

LEVEL2 INITIA™ is a non-Saccharomyces yeast (Metschnikowia pulcherrima) selected from nature. It is an innovative and complete bioprotection tool developed to face the challenges of reducing SO2 use in white and rosé pre-fermentative steps.

LEVEL2 INITIA™ is the first bioprotection yeast developed to limit oxidation phenomena in the early steps of winemaking due to its dual action of consuming oxygen and decreasing copper levels.

LEVEL2 INITIA™ also has the capacity to control a wide range of undesirable microorganisms.

  • LEVEL2 INITIA helps to reduce the use of sulfites in white and rosé wines.
  • Preserves key wine quality components and freshness.
  • Limits browning and preserves aroma.
  • Avoids organoleptic deviations from microbiological origins.