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Lalvin Sensy

A new generation of wine yeast that gives the freedom to express the sensory potential of varietal white wine. H2S confers negative aroma attributes to wine. It can be considered as a real issue especially for varietal white wine, as it generates unacceptable quality loses and masks aroma flavour. Lalvin Sensy™ will produce no or very little H2S which is a great advantage to express varietal aroma from white grape varieties. The low acetaldehyde production by Lalvin Sensy™ will be a good asset to stabilize wines through moderates SO2 use. Lalvin Sensy™ gives more open wines whereas wine fermented with other yeast show more reductive notes and has the capacity to enhance mouthfeel structure.

  • Produces no or very little H2S
  • Gives more open wines
  • Gives the freedom to express sensory potential of varietal white wines.