Lalvin Go-Ferm

The first, the original, yeast protector, re-introduced into the Australian market in 2013. Recommended for non-stressful fermentation conditions. GoFerm was developed as a tool to help reduce the incidence of sluggish and stuck fermentations. Lallemand won the Gold Medal at the ‘2004 Intervitis for Innovation in enology’ for the development of this product. GoFerm is produced through a specific autolysing process on yeast biomass to obtain high levels of certain essential vitamins (pantothenic acid, biotin) and minerals (eg magnesium, zinc, and manganese) and amino acids.

Adding the vitamins and minerals to the rehydration water increases their concentration and bioavailability, resulting in greater absorption by the yeast cells. This results in a healthier yeast cell population, hence reduces the risk of stuck or sluggish fermentations.

Recommended dosage: 30g/hL based on final wine volume. Add directly to the yeast rehydration water, mix, then add the yeast for rehydration. Patent EP 13956649

  • Helps to reduce the incidence of sluggish and stuck fermentations.
  • When used during yeast rehydration, GoFerm will:
    • Reduce the risk of sulfur compound and volatile acidity production.
    • Provide bioavailable micro-nutrients.
    • Promotes yeast cell viability and vitality at the end of fermentation.