Natural protection for grapes during pre-fermentation. From the harvest to the tank or press, the microorganisms responsible for acetic acid production (such as Kloeckera apiculata) may undergo unchecked multiplication. The risks become even greater when pre-fermenting maceration takes place, especially if temperatures are too high (>10°C) or if the process takes a long time. Gaïa™, a Metschnikowia fructicola yeast with no fermenting power can fight against this harmful micro flora. Gaïa™ is a completely natural tool for limiting pre-fermentation sulfiting, whether used during cold soak or earlier (during harvesting). It also facilitates the subsequent implementation of selected and inoculated S. cerevisiae yeasts for fermentation. Gaïa™ can also be used to protect white juice during cold storage or transportation from unwanted fermentation.

  • Natural protection for grapes during pre-fermentation.
  • This yeast fights against harmful micro flora.
  • Natural tool to limit pre-fermentation sulfiting.