B. subtilis Rosell-179

Depending on your application, we can discuss probiotics to best make your beverage a success.

Since 2006, Lallemand has made accessible its flagship clinically proven probiotics to food & beverages solutions answering to current and future market trends. Lallemand with it’s distribution partner Winequip are now making them available in Australia and New Zealand.

With Lallemand’s 85 years of probiotic science, its goal is to be part of the future of food with probiotics, continuously researching their potential benefits in their connectivity to health. We offer a documented probiotic strain (including for immune and gut/ digestive health) derived primarily from the Lallemand Institut Rosell® collection.

Our flagship probiotic can be added to a range of non-alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages and withstand a range of industrial processes including those in:

  • Kombucha
  • Specialty Water
  • Fruit Juice
  • Non-dairy
  • Powders
  • Other (Project Dependent)

This strain is also listed with FSANZ and is non-dairy. They can be added to many foodstuffs and withstand a range of industrial processes.

From the manufacturer’s plant to the consumer’s gut, probiotics have to deal with many stresses and production conditions (temperature, pressure), storage conditions and the digestive tract (gastric acidity and bile). To ensure optimal probiotics survival and efficacy, Lallemand have applied their Process-Protect™ technology. To enhance the strains intrinsic resistance, industrial manufacturing conditions are adapted to each strain.

Lallemand Food Probiotics is dedicated to bringing to its customers the highest quality. From lab to shelf, Lallemand controls the overall manufacturing process of its products. Lallemand probiotic strains are produced in-house in one of their many production facilities with accreditations & licenses including Health Canada (NNHPD), cGMP / Pharma GMP, USP Quality Systems GMP.

  • Can be added into a range of non-alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages.
  • Viability and Survivability has been successfully tested in a range of extreme conditions, including:
    • Extrusion conditions.
    • Extreme temperatures.
    • HPP Conditions.
    • pH and Bile.
  • Commercial guarantee at 100b CFU per 1g.