Packaging Line Installation At CCF

CCF offer a number of packaging solutions to the beverage industry, providing contract filling services for a range of beverage types. Their range of commercial packaging equipment is able to produce still wine, cider, spirits, beer, carbonated beverages and more. CCF are capable of filling bottles and cans as well as blend, mix, batch and carbonate beverages.

Packaging line installation at CCF

In transitioning to a new facility, CCF aimed to revolutionise their operation. Central to their vision was the expansion of their business and elevation of their production capabilities. With this in mind, the team at CCF explored solutions that would both accomodate their growth plans but also enhance their service offerings. Recognising the importance of catering to the diverse needs of their customers, they needed a solution that would integrate both bottling and canning capabilities into their operation while also having adaptable labelling solutions to accomodate a range of bottle and can specifications.

CIMEC canning line installed at CCF

Understanding the project brief, the team at Winequip/Q-Pack recommended the implementation of three cutting-edge packaging lines designed to optimise efficiency and enhance productivity – which the team at CCF selected as its best option. Comprising of two CIMEC canning lines and one CIMEC bottling line, these state-of-the-art systems were completed with automated feed and accumulation tables, ensuring a seamless workflow and increase in production levels. Two of the three lines also feature ENOS labellers equipped with coders to complete the packaging process. In recognition of the requirements of the bottling line, a Borelli FUTURA screw capper was also installed.

To complete the setup, Gortani & Letina tanks ranging from 2000 to 10,000 litres in capacity were also included. These tanks are used to blend, mix, batch and carbonate customers beverages exactly to their requirements. Additionally, Kreyer refrigeration units were incorporated into the tank setup to ensure precise temperature control throughout the production process.

Packaging line installation

CIMEC Isobaric Canning Line

CIMEC Isobaric Bottling Line

Enos Speedy Labeller

Enos C5000 Labeller

Borelli Futura Screw Capper

Gortani & Letina Tanks

Kreyer Refrigeration

Collectively, this packaging line installation at CCF was able to position them for a significant increase in productivity and capabilities. Through utilising the latest innovations from our key industry suppliers, CCF is now best placed to meet evolving consumer demands while upholding their commitment to quality and excellence.

Thanks to the team at CCF for participating in this case study. Contact CCF to learn more about their contract bottling/canning options using the details below:

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