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Our range of refrigeration options from Kreyer and Quantor is simply the best in the Australian market and our list of successful installations reflects this.

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Chilly M-LT

Glycol chiller used for low water temperature ranges, and are perfectly adapted for a wide variety of scenarios across beverage types.


Chilly Max

The Chilly Max glycol chiller has a compact design, uses little space and is easy to install and start-up, perfect for a range of applications.

Kreyo Pro

Kreyo Pro

Kreyo Pro is a new series of air-cooled cooling units, developed using the latest in cooling technology and is compliant with R32 cooling gas.


Quantor PRO

The Quantor Pro is a series of air-cooled glycol chiller and heating units, developed for application in the production of wine, beer and cider.

Quantor Q672 - Q2262

Quantor Q672 – Q2262

A cooling unit series, made to measure for manufactures who need to cool or control the temperature of products.


Quantor Q1434-Q11066

These Quantor units are the ideal solution for wine cellars and breweries who seek a reliable and sustainable, long-term production solution.

Kreyer SR

Kreyer SR

Mobile direct-cooling and heating units, ideal for small and medium wineries which require the option to heat their wine as well as to cool it.



A mobile direct-cooling unit, developed for applications in the wine and beverages industry, to treat any substance from grapes to wine.


Mobile Heating Unit

The mobile heating-unit type HW is designed for the quick preparation of hot water and is offered in three variations.

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