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Our range of refrigeration options from Kreyer and Quantor is simply the best in the Australian market and our list of successful installations reflects this. Visit QTS for more information.

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation No. AU56457

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Propylene Glycol

DOWFROST inhibited propylene glycol offers specific advantages for fermentation cooling applications over a wide temperature range.


Thermo Fan TA

Suited to the cooling or heating of large rooms and cellars, and are easily integrated into existing water systems.

Thermo Fan SD Plus

Thermo Fan SD Plus

The SD Plus is made in stainless steel and is suitable for the cooling and heating of rooms and halls at positive temperatures.


Thermo Fan SD-S

Suitable for the cooling and heating of large rooms and halls at positive, human-comfort ambient temperatures.



Equipped with a spinning disk that vaporises water into very fine droplets that can be easily absorbed by the surrounding air, humidifying and cooling a room at the same time.



The solution for your cellar to provide it with air humidity and thus counteract quality losses in wine and outer wood barrel structure.



A humidification system that functions by means of spraying fine water-vapour and distributes it homogeneously in the wine cellar.

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