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Our range of processing equipment from Puleo and Mori gives your winery a range of options for pressing, sorting and destemming to suit every budget.

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Prexa C50 Closed Press

Prexa C Closed Press

Mainly designed for the soft pressing of grapes and for the extraction of high quality must and includes a long series of upgrades.


Prexa F Drain Press

A new compact and modern design to offer better functionality and performance for drainage of juice or wine.


Prexa N – Infinity

Ensures unlimited availability of new nitrogen, without any need for recirculation and storage systems, increasing drainage of juice.

FL Lift Cage Press

FL Lift Cage Press

The best value vertical hydraulic presses in the market, saving time and resources through requiring less labour to operate.

PZFL lift cage press

Twin Ram Lift Cage Press

The Twin Ram Lift Cage Press from Mori has a sturdy structure with high mechanical resistance, two double effect pistons and PLC for automatic pressure cycle control.


Hand Ratchet Basket Press

High quality presses manufactured in Italy with ratchet head, made with a steel base and hard-wood slats, with a range of sizes available.



Are a very cost effective way of producing high quality juice and are easier to use and clean compared to other presses.

EBP Series Belt Press

EBP Series Belt Press

EBP Series Belt Press comes with a wide range of attachments like pneumatic belt tensioner and automatic belt control to ensure ease of use.


P Series Packing Press

Has two pivoting juice basins and hydraulic power unit, with easy and safe operation, with other optional attachments available.

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