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Viscoferm is a balanced blend of xylanase, beta-glucanase and cellulase. It reduces mash viscosity in all stages of your process to deliver a range of benefits. Viscoferm is also suitable for all types of grains.

Viscoferm delivers lower mash viscosity, meaning users can process higher dry solids levels, boosting total output. Lower mash viscosity also leads to reduced fouling, cleaning and wear of equipment, improved mash flow as well as higher centrifuge and evaporator efficiency. This in turn also leads to cost-effective operations. Viscoferm is heat stable even at the high temperatures found in the distilling process, giving users more flexibility in operating conditions.

Small grain cereals (e.g. rye, barley, wheat) contain non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs). These bind water, leading to high mash viscosities, which can result in processing challenges. The balanced blend of non-starch degrading enzymes found in Viscoferm breaks down these NSPs, reducing viscosity and improving the entire distilling process.

  • Thermostability
  • Raw material flexibility
  • Low mash viscosity