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Micro/Macro Oxygenation

There is an increasing use of equipment which rob the wine of natural oxygen. Oxygen must therefore be added artificially to reach the beneficial effects of yeasts activation, increased ripeness, tannin binding, and aroma enhancement.

In the micro-oxygenation the fermenting wine receives a constant and very small amount of oxygen (0,5 – 6,0 mg per litre per month) over a long period of time (several months).

In macro oxygenation, a larger amount of oxygen (approx. 2,0 up to 6,0 mg oxygen per litre per day) over a shorter period of time, is added.

Three configuration options are available:

  • BUS version – BU Oxygen
    •  Fixed installation as part of a VinInfo installation. One BU Oxygen per tank – treatment of unlimited number of tanks with software management. 
  • OxyBox
    • Central, wall mounted, water-proof cabinet, available in quality rust-free painted or stainless steel cabinets. Each cabinet can treat up to 16 tanks. Unlimited number of cabinets may be installed. Software management is optional.
  •  Independent Operation 
    • OxyBoy & OxyMan: Independent, single tank units, hand-held, can be hung by the tank and then moved to another.
  • Increases the natural oxygen levels of the wine artificially.
  • Amount of oxygen entered into the wine can be controlled.