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Liquoflow Go 2X

Liquoflow Go 2X is a unique, heat-stable alpha-amylase for broad pH liquefaction. It gives you superior viscosity break with no calcium requirement.

Liquoflow Go 2X operates at low Ph, which allows users to make more use of backset and reduces the need to adjust sodium hydroxide pH, ultimately resulting in less sodium stress on yeast and saving on energy and chemicals. Liquoflow Go 2X also reduces viscosity, resulting in a higher levels of dry solids able to be used and less issues with high viscosity throughout the entire process.

Liquoflow Go 2X is used in the liquefaction stage of the distilling process. This step prepares starch for further breakdown to produce fermentable sugars, and is critical to the overall efficiency of a distillers process. Using Liquoflow Go 2X can ensure effective liquefaction with complete starch conversion to fermentable sugars.

  • Low pH Tolerance
  • Viscosity Reduction
  • Thermostability
  • Suited to no-jet-cooking processes
  • Less residual starch
  • Higher yield