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Juclas Smart Lees

The Juclas SMART LEES was created to recover clarifying sediments of juices, musts, flotation lees, filtration residues from cross-flow filtration, a permeate that respects chemical and organoleptic characteristics. It does not cause heating, loss of colouration or loss of alcohol content because this filtering process uses low pressure on moving ceramic membranes on a central axis, thus lessening clogging and permitting a simpler management of cleaning cycles.

The Smart Lees is able to recover up to 97% of the permeate and has the possibility of concentrating lees up to 75% of the suspended solids.

  • Non-clogging ceramic disks.
  • Average flow from 30 to 60 litres per hour depending on the composition of the permeate.
  • Modular system up to 30 m².
  • Fully washable with automatic cycles
  • Extremely compact design