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Juclas AromaLoc ®

The AromaLoc® is an innovative, patented* solution that limits the natural loss of aroma compounds during fermentation. AromaLoc®’s non-invasive membrane technology does not contact the must and acts at the “gaseous” level in the tanks headspace.

How It Works:

The CO2 and aromas generated during fermentation flow to the AromaLoc® membrane, which separates the CO2 from the most desirable aromas. These are then fed back into the headspace, where they prevent similar desirable aromas from leaving the must. The CO2 is then vented out to the winery as in a traditional fermentation. The result is a wine with higher aromatic concentration.

*See downloads for patent information.

  • AromaLoc ® keeps aroma concentration high during fermentation and in the finished wine.
  • Versatile and easy to use.
  • Non-invasive and additive free.
  • Does not directly contact the must/wine.