As a dual destemmer/crushing machine, the DINAMICA Series embodies the spirit of modern winemaking, allowing the processing of any type of grape regardless of it having been manually or mechanically harvested. Structural and technical innovations, such as the choice of a new type of plastic perforated cage and a paddle with adjustable rubber blades, allow the machine to handle grapes delicately, greatly improving the quality of the destemmed product.

  • Processes any type of grape.
  • Handles grape delicately.
  • Greatly improves the quality of the destemmed product.
ModelMotor Power Cage Diameter Hourly Capacity Weight
Dinamica 601.1 kW 300 x 10003 – 6 Tons205 KG
Dinamica 1001.5 kW400 x 12506 – 12 Tons305 KG
Dinamica 1502.2 kW 400 x 150012 – 15 Tons375 KG
Dinamica 2503.0 kW500 x 150018 – 25 Tons 580 KG