Sparkling Equipment

Automatic Rotary Disgorging & Dosing Machine

The DVDR rotary machine is designed for sparkling producers requiring production volumes up to 3000 bottles per hour. It is a monoblock capable of disgorging and dosing in one machine.
The machine is equipped with the necessary units for production according to the traditional method:
  • Bottle infeed: Conveyer star spacing the bottles at the inlet of the machine
  • Automatic disgorger: Consisting of mechanical arms handling the bottles from the neck and angling them by 60°. Each arm is equipped with a cap remover and support for the body of the bottle.
  • Transfer to the second turret
  • Outpour/ejection of deposit/dosing/toping up: The extraction valves using inert gas while the grippers keep the bottles upright. The dosing valves are equipped with degassing valve. The dosing unit is adjustable to determine the desired amount “liqueur d’expédition” injected into the bottle.
  • Operator panel: Allows the automatic adjustment of the height of the disgorging turret by recalling the format of the bottle to be processed.

All components of these machines are designed to be easily accessible and inspectable to facilitate their cleaning and maintenance thus ensuring a long life.