Sparkling Equipment

Automatic Rotary Disgorger

Rotary disgorging machine with automatic loading and unloading for an output between 2,000 and 18,000 bottles per hour.

  • The bottles enter the machine through a worm and a star places them under the rotary central disgorging station with 4-10-24 or 36 disgorging arms depending on the model.
  • The bottles are handled with a plastic fork in order not to break the neck.
  • Each arm is equipped with an adjustable disgorging nail.
  • Disgorging leftovers are ejected through a stainless steel tube with a Venturi air device.
  • Structure built in stainless steel with tilted chassis.
  • Cleaning system with water sprays.
  • LED light inside the machine.
  • Designed to work with formats between 37.5 cl and 150 cl.