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Our range of processing equipment from Puleo and Mori gives your winery a range of options for pressing, sorting and destemming to suit every budget

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Our automatic grape sorters from Mori and Puleo are the perfect solutions for your processing line and are ideal for removing berries from stalks, petioles and leaves.

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Our range of refrigeration options from Kreyer and Quantor is simply the best in the Australian market and our list of successful installations reflects this

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Conical Variable Capacity Tanks

Tanks and Vats

Check out our range of variable capacity, closed and pressure tanks from leading European manufacturers Gortani, AG Inox and Letina

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Liverani All In One


Winequip represent quality pump brands including Liverani, Alfa Laval and Vogelsang and our wide range ensures we have a solution for any beverage producer

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From market leading Juclas crossflow filtration to simple pad filters, Winequip has filtration options for every beverage producer

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Our Juclas batch and continuous flotation units remain the industry leading flotation solutions available to beverage producers

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Winemaking Technology

From dealcoholisation to reverse osmosis and degassing, the Juclas range of winemaking technology is unsurpassed and continually evolving to provide the best solutions for your beverage production

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Packaging & Bottling (Q-Pack)

QPack represents global industry specialists in packaging, bottling and labelling equipment. Our range showcases the latest technology to ensure you have access to the highest quality equipment available.

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Enolmaster 4 Head Filler

Small Scale Bottling

For the small producer, we offer stand alone gravity and vacuum bottling options from Mori and Tenco as well as the Tecnomax range of screwcappers.

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Automatic disgorger & doser Vega 2


View our wide range of sparkling equipment for all your riddling, disgorging, corking, filling and capping needs, all from leading European specialists

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Testing & Lab

We have a wide range of Alla France hydrometers, alcoholmeters and ebulliometers as well as Ionode pH and other meters and digital scales/balances for all your laboratory requirements

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Stainless steel fittings

Cellar Equipment

Winequip carry a wide range of stainless fittings, hoses, shovels and other necessary accessories to get your winery through vintage

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