Vason Tannins


Precision management of tannin - Achieve the best effect through the power to select.

Oenological tannins are unquestionably powerful tools in the hands of the winemaker. Through intensive research into a spectrum of tannins suitable for enological use Vason can present a range of over thirty tannins of single source to synergistic blends for pre-ferment, ferment, post ferment and pre bottling (finishing) as well as assisting in micro-oxygenation and oak maturation programs. The low dose rates required with these products makes them highly cost effective.

Innovation - Features such as “Special Granulation (SG)” for instantaneous suspension of tannins in cold water is an example of where Vason has evolved the science of enological tannin.

Presented below is a selection from the range of Vason. For information on the full range of products, including specification sheets please contact us.

All products packaged in re-sealable 500g zip lock bags.

orange_vason_500g_packCastanea SG
Castanea is a tannin from high quality chestnut wood. It greatly helps to stabalise the colour fractions in red wine and gives the wine a greater resistance against oxidation. Castanea also gives wine a more complex bouquet and greater body. Click for PDF spec sheet.

A blend of Tara, Gall and Green Tea tannins, utilized for the extraction and stabilisation of anthocyanins. This tannin also has a high resistance against oxidation so is effective on grapes infected by Botrytis. Also available in 5kg bulk pack. Click for PDF spec sheet.

orange_vason_500g_packColorstab SG
An example of tannin synergies at work. Tara, Gall, Chestnut wood, green tea, oak wood tannins in a blended form. Aids colour intensity & persistence. Subtle sensory complexity & structural characteristics are also conferred. Click for PDF spec sheet.

gold_vason_500g_packTi Premium UNIQUE TO VASON
A very fine catechinic tannin with composition similar to that of grapes sourced from the leaves of green tea with multiple potential uses. Use Ti premium in whites and red for stabilising wines against oxidation. Preserves and protects colour fractions in reds. Ti Premium can play a role in minimising the role of sulphur & bentonite throughout the winemaking process and also has a high reactivity to reduced sulphur compounds. An apparent increase in wine freshness without astringency can generally be noted with the use of Ti Premium (especially useful for tank tired wines). Click for PDF spec sheet.

purple_vason_500g_packPremium Barrique
Tannin derived from oak heartwood & gall. Highly useful with wines where a combined effect of colour stability, positive tannin astringency and most importantly oak characteristics are sought. Especially suited to early addition to red & white wines destined for maturation in older oak barrels. Click for PDF spec sheet.

gold_vason_500g_packPremium Limousin
Ultra high quality selection of tannin derived from Limousin oak heartwood for conferring aromatic complexity and fullness to wine. Use from barreling phase to the finishing stages of wine production prior to filtration. Click for PDF spec sheet.

gold_vason_500g_packPremium Tostato
A tannin sourced from toasted Limousin cask wood. Use Premium Tostato either at barrel filling and/or at later blending stages prior to final winery filtration to confer fine toasted oak notes. Outstanding sensory tannin. Click for PDF spec sheet.

gold_vason_500g_packPremium Vinnaciolo
Selected from the seeds of fully ripened grapes Premium Vinnaciolo confers benefits of colour stability through reactivity to lacasse. Use can also enhance the sense of freshness & body. Click for PDF spec sheet.

gold_vason_500g_packPremium Uva
Premium Uva is a tannin derived from premium grade grape skins. Premium Uva can be used to confer colour stability, However, most notable is its enhancing effect on the sense of fruit sweetness, adding fine structure and overall elegance to the wine tannin profile. A tannin of great finesse with broad versatility. Click for PDF spec sheet.