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Lallemand Yeast

Lalvin 71B

For fresh, fruity noveau wines. Can degrade malic acid during alcoholic fermenation

Selected in Narbonne France by the National Research Institute of Agronomy (INRA) for its fruity aroma in production of red and white Vins Nouveaux. Due to the production of relatively stable esters, particularly isoamyl acetate, 71B gives a characteristic fruity aroma which reinforces the grape varietal profile. 71B also softens high acid musts by partially metabolizing malic acid (up to 20-40%). A popular strain for production of fresh fruity red wines, including those for early consumption, and enhances wine aromas of Viognier and Gamay. Noted for its ability to limit red wine tannin, colour and structure. A compatible yeast strain for MLF.

500g Pack Size.

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