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ADCIP Non Caustic Cleaner

ADCIP is a non-caustic powdered wine tank cleaner and general cleaning detergent. ADCIP is specifically formulated for use in wineries as a powerful yet economical product for stainless steel tank cleaning and tartrate/removal of red wine staining/ and aid in removal of difficult protein stains ADCIP is a non-caustic cleaner designed to clean stainless steel and be safe for use on glass, plastics and ceramics.

ADCIP is environmentally friendly and safe to handle, is suitable for use with pressure sprayball ‘CIP’ tank washing systems and is low dusting and easily dissolvable product.


  • One step concentrated product, reduces citric neutralisation step required with highly caustic cleaners
  • Powerful low foam surfactants provide superior cleaning with new technology surfactants that aid to reduce surface tension, thus providing free rinsing
  • Reduced neutralisation and free rinsing; provides water, energy and time savings.
  • High solubility, hence reduced mix/ preparation time
  • Active powerful detergentcy, low foaming CIP formulation
  • Excellent OH&S profile, non-DG (Australian Dangerous Goods Code)
  • Safe to mix, non dusting, and no splash hazard like caustic based cleaners
  • Effective and safely cleans wine tartars and stains as an aqueous solution whilst being essentially non corrosive to stainless steels, galvanised surfaces, plastics, glass, aluminium and most painted surfaces.