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IOC Flashgum R MF

Flashgum R MF is an Arabic Gum from Seyal Acacia

FLASHGUM R MF is a solution of 20% Arabic gum obtained from Acacia Seyal, filtered, sulfured at 0.5%.  FLASHGUM R MF is formulated from high quality Arabic gum, selected for the stabilizing and organoleptic properties linked to these natural polysaccharides it contains.

FLASHGUM R MF harmonizes the structure of weak wines and increases the impression of volume and fullness in mouth. In young red wines marked by excessive astringency FLASHGUM R MF masks the excessive tannicity and  re-establishes the right balance of flavors. FLASHGUM R MF provides wines with protection against various forms of chemical and physical instability; it is used as protective colloid to stabilize phenol compounds.

The extraction process used leads to a solution with a high level of clarity and stability. FLASHGUM R MF is therefore recommended for treating wines whenever it is necessary to avoid clogging, flocculation or precipitation after bottling.

10L Pack Size