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Vinocrush Classic

Grape must and wine yield in red and white wine processing

Vinocrush classic is an extraction enzyme that improves the maceration/extraction of red and white grapes. It generates higher juice yields for white grapes when used directly in the press. it generates higher wine yields and reduces turbidity when used during maceration of red grapes.

5kg and 20kg pack sizes. 


  • White grapes: higher juice yields directly in the press
  • Using VinoCrush on white grapes generally increases the juice yield of white grapes by 7-10% from 70% to 80%, preserving the entire aroma and quality. Furthermore, you need less pressure in the press to extract the same amount of juice, which amounts to and 8% higher free run juice volume. And you increase the throughput of your press by 20% due to faster juice extraction. You get 7-10% more juice from the same volume of grapes, contributing strongly to your profitability. You eliminate the risk of herbaceous flavors when using lower press pressure. You can run 20% faster press cycles, helping you process a higher tonnage of grapes within the same period of time.
  • Red grapes: higher wine yield and clear wines after maceration
  • Using VinoCrush Classic on red grapes increases the wine yield by 3-5% and reduces the turbidity of the wine by more than 50% after alcoholic fermentation. You achieve higher profits from your process by producing 3-5% more wine from the same volume of grapes. You decrease you clarification costs after the alcoholic fermentation.