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Novozyme Vinoclear Classic

VinoClear Classic supports fast clarification of grape must before the start of alcoholic fermentation. It also reduces the volume of gross less, helping you reduce your costs and increase your profits.



    • Provides fast clarification
    • Achieve fast clarification of must of any grape variety and quality, increasing throughout and the effectiveness of your clarification equipment by a factor of 2 to 5. You can clarify at least 2 times more juice during your harvest using the same tank equipment. Your clear juice is ready at least in half the time, and you can start your fermentation much earlier, preserving the entire aroma.
    • Increases both yields and profits
    • Reduce the volume of gross lees by 30-50%, resulting in increased juice yield. You get more clear juice out of 1 hectolitre of must and reduce the losses through the lees, resulting in higher profits for your company.