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Lallemand Malolactic Bacteria

Lallemand Bacteria strains

Key selection criteria for Lallemand strains

Lallemand offers two popular formats of freeze-dried bacteria cultures in Australia.


The MBR® form of malolactic bacteria represent a Lallemand acclimatization process that subjects the bacteria cells to various biophysical stresses, making them better able to withstand the rigors of direct addition to wine. The conditioned MBR® bacteria that survive are robust and possess the ability to conduct reliable malolactic fermentation (MLF), even under difficult wine conditions.


The 1-Step® starter kit is a highly effective malolactic starter culture kit to promote MLF in most red and white wines in a wide range of oenological conditions. The kit contains one of our popular MBR® bacteria and an activator mix that require a short acclimatization protocol to “wake-up” the bacteria and activate their metabolism.

Unlike the MBR® cultures, the 1-Step® cultures are not preconditioned at our Lallemand bacteria facility and therefore require a simple rehydration/activation step 24 hours before they can be inoculated into the wine.

Several MBR® bacteria strains, Enoferm® ALPHA, Enoferm® Beta, Lalvin VP41 and PN4, are now available as 1-Step® starter kit cultures. The 1-Step® cultures perform as well as or better than MBR® cultures, especially under more challenging MLF conditions.



    It should be noted that winemaking conditions, such as high temperature with high alcohol, and low pH with high S02 cannot be ignored in interpreting the table below.  For example, Lalvin VP41 has been shown to conduct MLF at 17.3% v/v alcohol, although under such harsh conditions, other parameters should not be inhibitory.

    Bacteria Alcohol pH Total S02 (mg/L) Temperature Nutrient Demand
    Alpha≤ 15.5>3.2<50>14LOW
    PN4≤ 15.5>3.0<60>16MEDIUM
    VP41Near 16.5>3.1<60>16LOW
    Lalvin 31≤ 14>3.1<45>13HIGH