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Lallemand Malolactic Bacteria

Alpha 1-Step

Key selection criteria for Lallemand strains

Oenococcus oeni sensory complexity and mouthfeel over wide ranging difficult conditions.

Alpha was selected by the Institut Francais de la vigne et du vin (IFV), France, from spontaneous malolactic fermentations showing excellent fermentation activity and sensory contribution. Organoleptically the strain Alpha enhances velvet red fruits, roundness and complexity in red wines and respects varietal aromas in white wines. This strain has a tendency to reduce green and vegetative flavours. High in permease activity hence highly recommended for merlots, which tend to be troublesome variety to complete MLF.

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Bacteria Alcohol pH Total S02 (mg/L) Temperature Nutrient Demand
Alpha≤ 15.5>3.2<50>14LOW
PN4≤ 15.5>3.0<60>16MEDIUM
VP41Near 16.5>3.1<60>16LOW
Lalvin 31≤ 14>3.1<45>13HIGH