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Lallemand Malolactic Bacteria

Lallemand Bacteria Nutrient

Lallemand provide a range of bacteria nutrients for both red and white wines.

For red wines


Specific polyphenolics in red wines from high maturity grapes have an inhibitory effect on malolactic fermentations. To address this challenge Lallemand has formulated ML Red Boost. This malolactic bacteria nutrient is formulated from specific inactive yeast fractions which enhance the bacteria’s resistance to high polyphenol levels. In addition, the availability of certain peptides and polysaccharides in ML Red Boost favour the health of the bacteria and can be effective in reducing the duration of the MLF.

For white wines


Malolactic fermentation in white wines can often be the slow to finish. Lallemand researched this issue by looking at different peptide formulations, which resulted in the development of Opti’ML Blanc. Opti’ML Blanc is a unique malolactic nutrient specifically formulated for white and rose wines. Formulated from a blend of selected inactivated yeasts, Opti’ML Blanc helps compensate for amino nitrogen and peptide deficiencies. The bioavailability of certain peptides stimulates the growth of selected bacteria and shortens the duration of MLF, especially under difficult white wine making conditions.